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13th aug 2019

I really can’t remember

ANY point in this life

Where things were ever easy

And not just full of strife

I was bullied at every school

No matter what I tried

At the end of every day

I’d hide myself and cry

As my life carried on

I used to sometimes think

Why so many operations

Life really truly stinks

The thoughts run thru my head

A washing machine for a mind

Facing so many scary things

Make every day a grind

I’ve made it to age 59

Life’s even more a mess

I honestly can’t recall

The last day without stress

The thing that really worries me

And is always in the way

How+what meds to take

To sleep permanently today

I want it to be final

It’s not a cry or plea

If u had lived my life

Is the only way you’d see


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Thinking Design – Think EA-DesignHouse!

Handling an interior decorating project can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Many of us are left wondering where to begin. However, with the inspiring techniques and methods, that is constantly being updated comes the feeling that this is a job better left to the professionals. Many professional interior designers are appearing every day, but only a few you can really call a PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER!!

It all shows in their design of layout and planning, their lighting and colours used. Allow me to introduce to you a friend and one can say a PROFESSIONAL Architect. Ezzeldine Auf- CEO and Owner of ‘EA-DesignHouse’. A long with a talented staff and owner EA-DesignHouse, strives on Quality, Service and Value. I have seen some of their projects and in every one of them; you clearly see creativity and passion being put into work, taking into consideration their customer’s needs and vision incorporated with theirs. The outcome result is more lighting, creativity and meaning to your space.

I have had the pleasure to interview Ezzeldine and EA-DesignHouse to understand more about their work. You can also follow them on their social media below and check out their portfolio.

Thinking Design- Think EA-DesignHouse!


Intro pic

Interview with EA-DesignHouse and Owner

  • What made you choose to become an Interior Designer? and how long have you been working in this field?

EA-DesignHouse was established in 2010 as an Architectural and Interior design studio that delivers a complete design service, starting with Architecture and ending with interiors. Architecture fulfills function and Interior verifies completion.
“Interior Design is not a choice – it’s a must!”


  • When was your first project as an Interior Designer and what was it for?

First Interior Design project was as a freelancer in 2008, it was a display booth in one of Egypt’s’ top furniture exhibitions “La Casa”, followed by others in Interbuild and lasted for 3 consecutive years. Scope was design and construction.


  • How would you prioritise your tasks for a project?

Quality design is our first and last priority, it’s the planning phase for every project, the more time you give to study, the better quality you receive.

If we talk tasks here are the design stages every project goes through:

Mood board and plan design proposal.
3D renders.
Construction documents.


  • Do you get involved in the lighting of the design?

Architects are the maestros of the orchestra!    We think of Structure, Lighting, Sanitary, Air-conditioning, landscape… pretty much everything to make the whole symphony exquisite.


  • What level of involvement do you have in the project you do?

EA-DesignHouse has its own DESIGN LANGUAGE that we continuously develop, to further reinforce our identity and that is the level of my involvement as CEO in terms of design. “Strategy, identity and design language development”, that came to the light with our excellent and former design manager Architect/ Hunia Tomoum, who has diverse experiences in Architectural Studios, Consultancy Companies and Educational realm.


pic 1


  • What makes your style unique?

We give a meticulous attention to details. We seek to understand the needs and interests of our clients, providing an exceptionally personalised design with creative and optimised use of space.

  • What was the best project you had done and loved the most?

Allow me to quote the Oscar winner ‘Mathew McConaughey’, when he said that he needs 3 things every day; “Something to look up to, something to look forward to and someone to chase” and the part that captivated me was ‘that someone to chase’; it was him in 10 years!

 In our case with every project we learn more and we look forward to that growth in our experience is 10 years time. To answer your question about our best projects or the closest to our hearts are the ones you will be seeing in 10 years from now.

  • What piece of your portfolio are you most proud of?

HG Studio: We were asked to design a living studio, by extending the existing indoors area on the roof, using light structure. The idea was to design a space that is open to the outside, allowing only passage of indirect light. This was done using continuous horizontal fixed windows on the south, east, and western elevation, while creating full sized openings on the northern elevation opening to the outside and looking onto a roof garden.


pic 2

The interior spaces are divided into two spaces; first division is the Sleeping and seating area.

pic 3

The second one, is the dressing and bathroom area.

pic 4


  • Describe your work in 5 words.

Personalised, Functional, Quality, Luxurious. Details.

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Screen shot 2018-04-12 at 15.49.18


Company Portfolio – EA DesignHouse.pdf 


You can also find EA-DesignHouse on:






For further contact for more information or business:

Ezzeldine Auf

CEO – Owner of EA-Design House


Mobile: +20 100 608 5658


Mobile: +20 100 0005 4042 –  +20 100 8819 955


Thank you.  🙂 \o/

A moment and CLICK! :)

Hello to you all!

Take a second to have your eyes full-filled with God’s most beautiful creation – The Sky!
What you see and How you see it, is the best part; reflects on our vision on how we see life.  🙂

These following photos were taken by a dear friend of mine Ahmed Qateefa. A photographer who has an eye for capturing the right moment at the right time.

Thank you for sharing. 🙂

main pic

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11

pic 12

pic 13

pic 14

pic 15

pic 16

pic 17

pic 19

pic 20

pic 21

pic 22

pic 23

pic 23a

pic 24

pic 25

pic 26

pic 27

pic 28

pic 29

pic 30

pic 31

laat pic

end of all


Lens by Ahmed Qateefa.
Taken in 2017

In the Loving Memory Of Mark G Kirshner — Hany Ghoraba.

Few people in our lives affect us immensely even if you have known them for a short period. This is a trait of great people who change the world even without knowing that they do. Mark G Kirshner was one of those rare people who have done that in the lives of thousands he met […]

via In the Loving Memory Of Mark G Kirshner — Hany Ghoraba

Inner and Outer BEAUTY :)

Every days Simplicity and Beauty sometimes we see and sometimes we miss it.

Keep an eye out for them!! 🙂




Beauty of Simplicity.



Hard work shown.



Start of a new day.



Wondering and Exploring.



Nature and Beauty.



Train Tracks pathway.



Story of a Tree Trunk.


I close one eye and through my lens I look around, for that one moment, that one special detailed moment or scenery, and with my finger ready to CLICK and CAPTURE!


Enjoy 🙂


Buy Paintings or Have yours Ordered and Painted :)


A lovely greeting to you all.

Hope everyone has spent a lovely summer holiday :). With this lovely UK weather I would like to share with you all, around the world some of the following paintings. Paintings and drawings done by Suzan Metawea. Her paintings are done by using water colour and acrylic and many other super professional techniques.

Following below are some already done paintings and are for sale. Also available for you to send in your own photos for her to paint out for you. Prices differ on paper size and painting type.

If you are interested or for any further enquiries, please send an email to:

Thank you and Enjoy 🙂




Natures Beauty – #Acrylic used on A3 sketch paper – Price for £15.



Elegance and Simplicity in Olden Times – #Acrylic used on A3 sketch paper – Price £15.



 Small Bird Big World – #Acrylic used on A4 sketch paper – Price £10.



In The Love of Allah (God) Mawaleya – #Acrylic used on half size construction paper- Price£50.



More paintings and drawings are available. Please send email for any enquiries, to buy or orders.


Thank you 🙂

Randoms – SIMPLICITY and BEAUTY :)

Hello and Greetings to you wonderful people out there 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely enjoyable summer vacation. Back to sharing some random simple and beautiful photos… 






close u p

Cobweb and Wheels



see me

Simple beauty

Sunny Flower

white flower

Broken mobile

close up mirror

Daisy and Leaf

pinky pebble

scent stick 2


Taken by me 🙂

PS: Feel free to send in your photos of simplicity and beauty, and I will share them on my blog with your name and caption.