Inner and Outer BEAUTY :)

Every days Simplicity and Beauty sometimes we see and sometimes we miss it.

Keep an eye out for them!! 🙂




Beauty of Simplicity.



Hard work shown.



Start of a new day.



Wondering and Exploring.



Nature and Beauty.



Train Tracks pathway.



Story of a Tree Trunk.


I close one eye and through my lens I look around, for that one moment, that one special detailed moment or scenery, and with my finger ready to CLICK and CAPTURE!


Enjoy 🙂


Buy Paintings or Have yours Ordered and Painted :)


A lovely greeting to you all.

Hope everyone has spent a lovely summer holiday :). With this lovely UK weather I would like to share with you all, around the world some of the following paintings. Paintings and drawings done by Suzan Metawea. Her paintings are done by using water colour and acrylic and many other super professional techniques.

Following below are some already done paintings and are for sale. Also available for you to send in your own photos for her to paint out for you. Prices differ on paper size and painting type.

If you are interested or for any further enquiries, please send an email to:

Thank you and Enjoy 🙂




Natures Beauty – #Acrylic used on A3 sketch paper – Price for £15.



Elegance and Simplicity in Olden Times – #Acrylic used on A3 sketch paper – Price £15.



 Small Bird Big World – #Acrylic used on A4 sketch paper – Price £10.



In The Love of Allah (God) Mawaleya – #Acrylic used on half size construction paper- Price£50.



More paintings and drawings are available. Please send email for any enquiries, to buy or orders.


Thank you 🙂

Randoms – SIMPLICITY and BEAUTY :)

Hello and Greetings to you wonderful people out there 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely enjoyable summer vacation. Back to sharing some random simple and beautiful photos… 






close u p

Cobweb and Wheels



see me

Simple beauty

Sunny Flower

white flower

Broken mobile

close up mirror

Daisy and Leaf

pinky pebble

scent stick 2


Taken by me 🙂

PS: Feel free to send in your photos of simplicity and beauty, and I will share them on my blog with your name and caption.